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OrYahalom highlights the fundamental connectivity between the world of the Torah and the world of diamonds, between the Book of Books that introduced spirituality to the world, and diamonds, the ultimate physical material. Both diamonds and the Torah represent the expression of light in the world.

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Diamonds first appeared in the Avnei Hachoshen, the stones on the breastplate of the Jewish High Priest. Since then, they have captivated global interest and imagination. Originating from carbon atoms that transform into white rough, diamonds are the paramount gemstone that holds the secrets of the evolution of matter.

The Torah’s sacred letters are known to have actualized both our physical reality and spiritual consciousness. What are the profound secrets behind their potential? The letters of the name of G-d, “Elohim” or “א-לוהים” echo the letters in the word for a diamond, “yahalom” or “יהלום”.

Light is the biggest mystery of all. From quantum physics to the spiritual and metaphysical world, light is at the center of human exploration. It is the primary force that determines how we connect with the world around us.

Lights of Spirit and Matter