Four Realms: Diamonds as the Link Between Science and the Torah

Diamonds exist in four distinct realms: the scientific, the spiritual, the material, and the realm of Torah. Analyzing these four realms sheds light on the prominent role of diamonds in the world. What secrets lie in the white matter that comprises diamonds, and what can they tell us about the future of mankind?

Ronen Eliyahu Priewer, founder of OrYahalom, takes us on a fascinating journey into the world of diamonds and their groundbreaking significance.

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The scientific realm

Unlike many natural substances, diamonds are unimolecular. Carbon atoms alone make up a diamond’s structure. High temperature and intense pressure in the Earth’s mantle causes these carbon atoms to crystallize into a cubic structure with an internal arrangement. The fact that diamonds are the purest allotrope of carbon makes diamonds the hardest natural material in the world.

The unearthing of diamond rough from the Earth’s mantle serves as a critical source of information for Big Bang researchers in the understanding of the processes of creation. Many studies have analyzed the minerals that can become trapped in diamond matter, using this information to trace as-yet-unknown components in their material.

Diamonds are characterized by two additional natural properties that are the basis for years of human research. The first is imperfection. Most things in nature already exist in their ultimate state. Mountains, lakes, forests, and the flight of a bird do not require mankind to complete them. Diamonds, however, require human intervention to transform them from a useless substance into a gleaming stone, a prism, a bridge of light, a feat of geometrical engineering carved to perfection.

The second property is the refractive index, or the measure of how much the path of light is bent when it passes through a substance. Diamonds have the highest refractive index among all natural materials. We will return to this phenomenal feature later in this article.

Diamond carbon atoms are a central element of creation.

The spiritual realm

What can diamonds teach us on a philosophical level? The role of spirituality cannot be overstated when it comes to trying to understand the source of our lives and our presence in the world. In polishing a diamond, we seek to extract the maximum from the material. So, too, the spiritual role of mankind is to polish our inner essence to its ultimate potential excellence.

Diamonds transform from black carbon to white matter, tangibly reflecting the concept of yesh m’ayin, or “something from nothing”? Among the millions of diamonds in the world, no two are exactly alike, just as humans may resemble one another but are each distinctly unique. The only thing capable of polishing a diamond is another diamond, which parallels the concept of ezer k’negdo, or a helping counterpart.

Unlike other things found in nature, diamonds require human intervention to polish them and bring them to perfection. Diamonds reveal themselves and burst into the world under immense pressure. Is this chaotic eruption what is needed for humankind to ultimately thrive and prosper?

Diamonds are the jewel in the crown, both literally and figuratively a metaphor for the utmost in excellence. Nothing else in the world offers us as keen an understanding of the world on a spiritual level.

In diamonds, mankind received a mathematical riddle of light and a counterpart in the completion of creation.

The material realm

Diamonds have captivated the material world in a storm of light with no parallel. Ten million people work in the global diamond industry. Hundreds of thousands of stores sell diamonds around the world. Everyone in the world has heard of diamonds. Upon hearing the very word “diamond,” people feel an aura of longing.

The proposal of marriage, when a couple chooses to bind their lives together, is forever associated with the gift of a diamond. Women, in particular, may seek to express the importance of diamonds in their lives to men. Regardless of how superficial the request may seem, what motive underlies this request in the awareness of diamonds as a material object? When one wishes to display material wealth, no other substance can contain as much material wealth in such a small package. Diamonds are the undisputed stars of the material world.

Diamonds are the most sought-after and talked-about object in the world.

The realm of Torah

The word diamond appears just once in the Torah. A diamond is named as the sixth stone in the High Priest’s breastplate worn by Aharon when he entered the Holy of Holies. It is a unique stone that is part of a distinctive garment called the Urim veTumim, leading the other stones throughout Jewish and Israeli history.

Yahalom is a word (milah in Hebrew), which also evokes the term brit milah, or ritual circumcision. Both diamonds and brit milah require human intervention to achieve their completion.

Perhaps the most wonderful parallel connecting diamonds to the Torah is in the very letters that comprise the word for diamond – yahalom יהלום – and G-d’s name, E-lohim א-לוהים. The word for diamond is contained within the name of G-d. Diamonds receive their power and essence directly from the word for G-d.

The kabbalistic Book of Creation offers further insight into understanding the holiness of Hebrew letters. As the Ari Z”L states in the Gate of Unity and Faith, “Even in that which is totally inanimate, such as stones, dust, and water, there is a spiritual spark of life force. Although the Torah’s ten articles that bring objects to life, from “nothing to something,” do not mention stone by name in the six days of creation as described in the Book of Genesis, stones still possess a spark of life through the mystical combination and substitution of letters.

Diamonds derive their power from the letters of the most important word in the Torah.

A central element

In each of the four separate and unique realms mentioned above – the scientific, the spiritual-philosophical, the material, and the realm of Torah – we see that diamonds are a central element, dominant on an absolute level. Carbon atoms, which are a crucial part of every living being on earth, become a source of philosophical inspiration allowing us to understand sublime concepts in nature and humanity.

Diamonds leave an indelible mark on our material world and, above all else, occupy a place of honor and wonder at the significance of the holy letters that form the name of G-d. What, then, is the secret of the diamond? Why are diamonds so dominant in our human existence? Could diamonds be the crucial bridge linking the world of science to the Torah?

The mystery of light

Light is the only unknown that is still shrouded in scientific mystery. Quantum theory allows us to approach fascinating scientific reasoning, but it is still missing a piece of the photon behavior puzzle that would allow us to fully understand the structure of light.

“Let there be light” was the first act of creation. How did the Torah know to start with the words that, even after three thousand years of cognitive development, would remain paramount in both the scientific and spiritual world? Is the formation of diamonds from carbon atoms the key to the mystery of “let there be light”? Does the Torah, in its infinite wisdom, direct us towards the study of the light of the diamond in order to decipher the riddle of the structure of light? The answers to these questions can be found in the research on the light of a diamond and its impact on the human dimension.

Analysis of the atoms that comprise the human body show that it consists of 65% oxygen atoms, followed by 18% carbon atoms. Carbon atoms are the most important atoms on earth, the building block of all living organisms, due to their ability to connect to four different atoms simultaneously. Carbon makes it possible to create the long, complex chains of atoms from which the proteins and nucleic acids of the human body are built.

At the same time, forces of light continually act upon the universe from an external system of a heavenly light matrix. We can say that under the lens of a microscope, when materialism is stripped away, man is a carbon structure surrounded by constant light energy. Therefore, a vital scientific question arises: What is the effect of diamond light radiation on the human body?”

Diamonds are polished prisms of light with unique characteristics of “the slowing of light” and light reflection. The light refraction coefficient and the geometric structure to which diamonds are polished is the result of scientific and technological human curiosity to bring diamonds to perfection as objects of light.

If so, what is the impact of slowing down the speed of light by diamond carbon on the human body? This is the main scientific question facing the world of science and the central research carried out by the company By studying these interactions, we can reach an understanding of creation “in the Divine image”. This is a critical component to understanding the human body and the existence of Divine energy within us. It is what encodes humankind with the ability to fully comprehend the secrets of the Torah, creation, science, and the universe.

A change of consciousness

What is the scope of the foreseeable change of consciousness stemming from these theories? The incredible connection between science and the Torah through diamonds brings the text of the Torah to a completely new level of understanding, from a text we study on a weekly basis to a volume that contains within it the secrets of the light of human existence. The Torah is a fundamental scientific work that human research is only beginning to understand.

This shift in the comprehension of the role of the Torah and the role of the diamond encapsulates an important philosophical thread like no other in human society. We go from being a society that lusts after diamonds’ material value to a society that seeks out the light of the diamond, longing for its spiritual potential, and yearning for its impact on the inner point of human light within us all. This renewed understanding of the role of the diamond in the world has the potential to alter the existing social infrastructure and the power to bring about a new breed of unified consciousness.

Going forward, the study of the light of the diamond and its effect on the human body, in combination with a deeper understanding of the code of the letters of the Torah, will be the leading field in the study of life sciences, leading to the understanding of the structure of light and enabling the deciphering of the secrets of the universe’s creation.

Ronen Priewer
Founder, OrYahalom