What are the meaningful insights one should discover when observing diamonds’ light performance? How the mathematical equations affect the science of light.

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Light of Diamonds

The light reflecting from the diamond is one of the most fascinating, intriguing and important phenomena on earth. Diamonds are the matter that connects the universe’s all-encompassing light to our inner light, with ethereal energy to our souls. Both mankind and diamonds are objects of light and carbon. When a person dons a diamond, he takes it upon himself to behold and enhance the inner light within himself. Our research and efforts are dedicated to the understanding of diamond light scientific effects on our body and society.

In-light (link to diamond grading research laboratory focuses on diamond light classification and performance in a way yet to be addressed by the existing labs and markets. The scientific methodology is unique and bound to create a new array of diamond grading observations.

All diamonds in our diamond bible collection are tested and a comprehensive certification is attached with each creation.